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Fast Cash Club Review

Fast Cash Club Review
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Create your own e-commerce in minutes.


What is the Fast Cash Club

It is a ClickBank product launched in October 2018. The owner of the product is John Harris.

How does it work?

This product is an e-commerce platform. This type of platform populates products on your personal online store. This push button type of platform scans online stores such as Amazon eBay and even Walmart and populates a directory of products that are on sale on your personal store. If a customer searches for a specific product by brand or model your product will appear in the search results. If the customer decides to purchase the product from the links on your site you will earn an affiliate commission.


How much can you earn?

This type of platform works in theory. But there is just one problem. Hundreds or even thousands of people have bought the Fast Cash Club platform.  And they all have the same online store that looks identical in search engines. Which suggests that the products sold on your store will be buried amongst thousands of similar results on search engines. However, there is one solution. You will need to do some SEO for your online store. If done well SEO should bring some of your products on top of search results. So can you really make $2,000 a day? It depends on how good you are at SEO. If you have no clue on how to do SEO visit fiverr.com.

So is it a SCAM?

When buying the Fast Cash Club platform you will get all you were promised on the sales page minus the guaranteed earnings. Yes, you can earn some money with this product. But I doubt you can earn $2,000 per day out of the box without any marketing efforts. But with a bit of tweaking, you can easily make a few sales a day. And if you master marketing and SEO you can make a decent income.

Who is this product for?

To generate money from this platform you will need a basic knowledge of internet marketing. Such has what is an affiliate and what is SEO.

Is it worth the risk?

The Fast Cash Club platform is sold for a one time fee of $37. I have seen software and membership sites charge $50 per month for similar services. If you feel comfortable doing your own marketing in your spare time, investing $25 a week, then yes definitely give it a try. From my experience, you don’t make money off of every product you try online. But whats $37 nowadays. You can barely go to the movies and buy popcorn for that amount of money.

Still interested then give it a try at www.fastcashclub.co


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