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Videtar Review – Should You Buy This Software?



What is Videtar

Videtar is a video marketing tool that enables you to rank videos in any niche with the click of a button. Its an all in one software from creation to publishing and marketing. Don’t expect a fancy library of stock videos you can add text and audio too, no this software is much more powerful because it uses a loophole found in the Youtube Terms of Service.


Who is the author?

The mastermind behind this product is Cindy Donovan. She has rolled out dozens of top selling products in the past years. Cindy is an expert in internet marketing and her products are the perfect reflection of her knowledge in this matter.


Product features:

  • 100% cloud-based software, access from anywhere on any device.
  • Find videos in any niche.
  • Edit videos with the video maker wizard.
  • Publish your videos from inside the software.
  • Rank your videos on search engines.
  • Publish on thousands of sites to get tones of views.



Why should you purchase this software?

Video marketing is a new trend and it’s here to last. Most search results on Google are links to Youtube videos. Since Google bought Youtube in 2006 for $1.65 billion it has slowly intergraded videos in its top five search results for most of its search terms. Videtar helps you market to a new target audience “People who rather watch a video instead of reading an article” and it does this without the need to record new videos, saving you time and money. Its the perfect tool for the modern internet marketer.


User experience:

The software is really easy to use. It’s straightforward and intuitive. You simply follow the steps in the left-hand menu and you’re done creating new content in seconds. Like I said before it’s all cloud-based making it accessible on any device. There are tutorials on how to use every single option. Overall I find the user interface easy to navigate.


How does it work?

Videtar scans Youtube for videos related to any niche you want to market. Simply enter a keyword and hundreds of videos are ready for you to edit. So your basically modifying existing videos and rebranding them as your own. According to the Youtube Terms Of Service, this is perfectly legal. It’s a loophole that can make you earn lots of money. The content selected can be edited as you please. Add music, images, “links to any site you want”…
Once you’re done with your editing simply click publish and your work will be seen on Youtube and thousands of other sites. There is also a built-in function that will bring your videos to the top of Google.


So is it worth the price?

Simply put, its worth every single penny.


Conclusion, I strongly recommend this product to anyone trying to make money online with there own website or through affiliate marketing. Its a powerful tool using a loophole that few people know of.



Videtar Review – Should You Buy This Software?
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Repurpose any video on YouTube with this little known loophole.


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